Saturday night:  I awake with a start in the middle of the night to find my daughter, Jaalyn, just staring at me. Annoyed I asked what on earth was the problem. "I'm hot." I was angry at first but then I looked at her eyes and then her flushed cheeks, called her over to feel her forehead and reached for the thermometer...

101.1... fuck.

I get up, give her motrin and get back into bed. I tell her that if she's not sleepy she can play on her laptop or watch a movie on netflix. About 5 minutes later I hear gurgling and then the eruption. How she managed to vomit all over herself, the bed, the blankets but not the laptop I'll never know. She's crying, scared, unused to the process of throwing up. I talk her through each convulsion, trying my best not to blow chunks myself (Note: chicken ravioli with alfredo sauce and broccoli are quite repulsive when regurgitated.). When it seems that her stomach is calming down I dash downstairs for towels, warm wet washcloths, sheets, etc. I get her cleaned up and by the time I begin stripping the bed she's already back on her laptop, chuckling at a game she's playing, buck naked to boot. After I change sheets I slip a fresh tshirt over her head, put her back to bed, and settle back down to try and get some sleep. 20 minutes later I'm awakened by movement in the bedroom. It's Jaalyn again, this time holding her panties in two fingers of one hand. Poor kid. Two new major experiences in one night: Vomiting and sharting. Another cleanup...

Sunday: I spend most of the day doing laundry, washing hands, washing everything Jaalyn's touched, cooking bland starchy food to combat Jaalyn's diarrhea and praying desperately that Trinity doesn't get the same virus. By the evening Jaalyn's able to eat normal food and keep it down. Her fever breaks during the day but returns that night.

Monday: I keep the girls out of school. Jaalyn, because she still has a fever. Trinity because I suspect she's incubating the virus and I don't want to expose her classmates to it. Fast forward to Monday night... Trinity sits up in the middle of the night and vomits... and then vomits again... and again... and again. Fuck.

Tuesday: I keep the girls out of school another day; Jaalyn's fever hasn't been gone for over 24 hours, don't want to expose her classmates to the virus either. Trinity is just miserable. To be three and unable to fully understand what's happening and why is frustrating to her. She doesn't want to eat for fear of throwing up again and doesn't want to drink anything either until I introduce her to ginger ale.

Love at first sip.

By mid-morning my stomach is doing it's own do-si-doh and a trip to the bathroom confirms that fuck, I've got it too.

By the evening it's evident something's not quite right with my dad. He claims it's his sugar levels, they've been running high for several days. Then he starts stumbling and bumping into things. I leave the room and come back to him seated in a corner at the kitchen table with is head laying on his arms, school boy style. He says he's really beginning to feel lousy. I tell him go to bed, I'll finish dinner although the smells of the food make me gag. Jaalyn's the only one able to eat a normal dinner. Dad went to bed and slept for 5 hours and then announced that yep, he's got the virus too.

Wednesday: I manage to haul my aching carcass out of bed and take Jaalyn to school. I come home and lounge on the couch with Trinity allowing the tv to babysit for another day. I don't feel too badly about this though because I notice with the new shows on Nick Jr. she's actually learning things and repeating them throughout the day. Now after a long nap we both feel much better, although Trinity I believe is trying to milk this illness for all the hugs, kisses and ginger ale she can.

Back to work and civilization tomorrow. I hope.


Jeff said...

my my my what a week! no wonder you said you were having a bad week..i hope that they get better fast and hope you feel better soon too! love you!